Manndalselva and the road ahead

After not reaching NVE with our plan for the rehabilitation of the river, we got help from Forum For Natur og Friluftsliv, FNF to speed up the case. This resulted in a very good and thorough report that should / must be read. Great honor to FNF.

A big thank you to those who contributed:
Kåre Pedersen, Kåfjord municipality.
Jan Arvid Holmgren, Water Area Coordinator North Troms.
Geir Arne Evanger, MJFF.
Christine Myrseth, coordinator FNF Troms.
Karl-Petter Yeong, County Secretary Troms Jeger og Fisk.
Maja Bernhoff, advisor to the Nature Conservation Association of Troms and Finnmark.

MJFF continues the work to keep Manndalselva a sustainable and resource-rich watercourse that future generations will enjoy.

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