The fishing season 2021

Welcome to another new season of fishing in Manndalselva. The most important changes can be found in this year’s fishing rules, which you can read when you buy a fishing license, and also at the bottom of this article.

This year, fishing licenses and catch reports are also available in English.

Also new this year is that everything that has to do with the purchase of fishing licenses and submission of catch reports can be found on «My page», which you will always find in the menu at the top. Easy.

This year, large occurrences of humpback salmon are expected, and we also ask that you look specifically for salmon lice, and attach details to the catch reports.

If you have bought a fishing license before, you can use the same login to buy a fishing license for this year’s season. Login can also be found under «My page» in the top menu.

If not, you need to register.

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