Fishing rules

Fishing permits for season 2021:

Day pass150 kr
None-residents must buy daypasses150 kr
Season passs for members of NJFF (MJFF)200 kr
Season pass for residents of Manndalen400 kr
Children under 16 years of ageFree
Kvinner betaler vanlig pris. 


Fishing rules 2021

  1. The fishing season applies from 01.07. kl: 18:00 – 31.07. at: 24:00
    During this period, fishing for salmon, sea trout, trout and sea trout is permitted.
  2. Daily quota per fisherman is 1 salmon.
    All wild salmon caught above Brufossen (Fossekulpen – Øverfossen) must be released.
  3. The fishing day applies from kl. 18:00 to: 18:00.
    The fishing rules also apply at the outlet of the river to the boundary determined in a line from the stream outlet at Yttergård to the northernmost point at Manndalsklubben. The points are marked with signs. Boundary point (UTM) DB 097855 and DB 084888.
  4. It is not allowed to use a fly and sink. Only one fly is allowed.
  5. Minimum size is 30 cm.
  6. Children under 16 fish for free, but must have a fishing license.
  7. Licensees must have a landowner card and can fish for free on their own farm number.
  8. Fishing is not allowed from Wednesday at. 18:00 to Thursday at 18:00, and Sunday from kl. 06:00 to 18:00.
  9. A valid fishing license must be purchased at, and identification must be brought while fishing. All details about your fishing licenses can be found by logging in and visiting “my page” on
  10. Fishing equipment and other equipment that has been in contact with water in other watercourses must be disinfected. Receipt must be brought when fishing. Disinfection is carried out at Best in Manndalen. Rolling / moving fishing spots shall be practiced from above and downwards on the fishing spots.
  11. Catch reports are mandatory and must be submitted after the below listed times. Reporting is done electronically from, all forms connected to permits and catch reports can be found on “My page” after login.
    – Reporting for daypasses: after each fishing trip and minimum after end of daypass.
    – Reporting for season tickets: every week ended.
    In the absence of a catch report, fishing may be refused for the next season
  12. Violation of applicable rules, laws and regulations, may result in notification and revocation of fishing licenses and fishing gear. Valid documentation must be presented at
    at the request of licensees, supervisors or the police.
  13. Show respect! Take care of the environment! Drive carefully through the forest! Do not step on fences! Garbage is brought back and disposed of!
    Conservation zones at Øverfossen and Fossekulpen (Notkulpen) are marked with signs. See map.